No to Thickeners

San Marino cooked hams are free of thickeners. In order to increase production yield, many companies use substances called “thickeners”, which keep water inside the product during cooking. Obviously, the high level of moisture in the meat reduces the quality of the product, while making it harder to digest. The Executive Order of 25 February 2000, which acknowledges Directive 1999/10/CE, establishes that, beyond a certain level of moisture in the product, water is to be considered an added ingredient. As such, it must be declared on the label by indicating the word “water” among the ingredients (e.g. pork leg, water, etc.), by citing a percentage next to the term “pork leg” or “pork” (e.g. pork leg 97%, etc.), or by indicating both (e.g. pork leg 97%, water, etc.). The lower the indicated percentage, the higher the quantity of water exceeding the threshold considered normal.