No to Allergens

All our cooked hams are completely hypoallergenic. The Republic of San Marino Department of Health and Social Security has issued our company a certification referring to EU Directive 2003/89/CE of 10 November 2003, which regards the indication of the ingredients contained in food products. This certification attests that no ingredient belonging to the list of allergenic substances (Enclosure III bis) is used in making our cooked hams. Therefore, San Marino cooked hams (which are all listed in the Italian Celiac Association handbook) are suitable for people with Celiac Disease and for those who are allergic to milk. Our cooked hams are also suitable for those who suffer from all the other types of intolerances and allergies known today. The fact that none of our products contain allergenic ingredients also excludes the risk of involuntary cross contamination, which may occur in “promiscuous” production.